Three Ways to Update Your Design With Pool Remodeling

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There are lots of reasons someone might need to remodel their swimming pool. Whether it’s an outdated pool that needs refreshing or a pool that has sustained damage and needs replacement parts, pool remodeling comes in all shapes and sizes.

Three Ways to Update Your Design With Pool Remodeling

If you’re planning a pool remodeling project, you may be looking for ways to make your new pool design even better than before. If so, you’ll want to consider these updates:

  • Integrated Water Feature – An integrated water feature in a pool remodeling re-design can go a long way towards elevating the appearance and enjoyment of your swimming pool. Whether you want a waterfall that appears to come from the natural landscape or an infinity pool design that seems to go on forever, you won’t be disappointed when you add a water feature to your newly remodeled pool.
  • Poolside Fire Feature – Being at the pool isn’t only about enjoying the water. Sometimes it’s what you can do when you step out of the pool! A popular addition for many swimming pool owners is an outdoor fire feature such as a fire pit or fire table. Not only does this offer a great poolside conversation area, but it can also be used both day and evening to create a specific ambiance around your pool.
  • Glass Tile – Another great way to upgrade your swimming pool is with glass tile. There are lots of ways to utilize glass tile during pool remodeling. Some popular ways include a special tile mosaic, a glass tile pool lining instead of plastic, and colored grout to add a special flare to your pool’s personality. Whatever you choose, glass tile is sure to please everyone who comes to enjoy your pool.

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