The Eco-Friendly Advantage of Fiberglass Pools

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Fiberglass pools have revolutionized the outdoor living experience, combining stunning aesthetics with remarkable durability. However, one lesser-known fact about them is their eco-friendly edge over other pool options. As an eco-conscious homeowner, you should consider several reasons to invest in a fiberglass pool.

The Eco-Friendly Advantage of Fiberglass Pools

  • Fewer Chemical Treatments. Traditional pools require a constant flow of chemicals to maintain sparkling water. Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, feature a smooth gel coat surface that resists algae growth. This translates to fewer harsh chemicals needed, minimizing your impact on surrounding ecosystems.
  • No Liner Replacements Needed. Replacing a pool liner every few years is a hassle that creates environmental waste. Fiberglass pools eliminate this issue entirely! Their durable construction boasts a lifespan that can outlast traditional pools by decades. This saves you money on replacements and keeps harmful materials out of landfills.
  • No Chemical Leaching. Traditional pool surfaces can often be porous, allowing chemicals to leach into the surrounding soil and contaminate groundwater. In contrast, fiberglass is a non-porous material. It keeps the pool chemicals contained, thus protecting the delicate balance of your yard’s ecosystem.
  • Superior Insulation Properties. Fiberglass pools excel at heat retention. Therefore, you won’t spend as much on heating to maintain a comfortable swimming temperature when it gets cold. Additionally, their superior insulation properties minimize water evaporation, which reduces the need for frequent refilling and the associated energy consumption.

A Sustainable Splash Awaits

At Master Pools of Wilmington, we are committed to helping you create a backyard retreat that reflects your sustainability values. We have over 20 years of expertise crafting stunning and eco-friendly fiberglass pools, so you can enjoy years of splashy fun with a clear conscience. If you’d like to install a custom pool that is beautiful and sustainable, schedule a consultation with us today.