Is Pool Remodeling Better Than Removal?

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An older pool can look outdated and have a clunky, inefficient system, whether you originally installed it or purchased a home or building that came with one. The options for improvement include pool remodeling, removal, and replacement. Ask yourself the following questions to see which option best meets your needs.

Is Pool Remodeling Better Than Removal?

How Old is the Pool?

If the pool was installed decades ago, it might look old, and that detracts from its aesthetic value. This is especially problematic for commercial pools, since guests usually have the option of choosing a competitor with better swimming facilities. Cosmetic upgrades like darker interior finishes and smart lighting can help, but it’s also important to address any structural damage. Modern pool remodeling can be more involved and make the end result even more appealing.

Does the Pool Need Repairs?

Pools can develop cracks over time. Small ones can be sealed, but if they aren’t, they can spread over time, and the whole pool may need to be resurfaced. This would be a good time to have the system tuned up and do a pool remodeling. That way, everything will look and work better.

How are Swimming Pools Removed?

In-ground swimming pool removal is a major project. Once the water is drained out, holes must be drilled into the bottom. After it is demolished, the hole in the ground has to be filled in, usually with debris from the demolition and soil. If you’re putting in a new pool, you can pick a fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete one.

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