Is a Fiberglass Pool Right for You?

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Just like concrete and vinyl pools, fiberglass pools have pros and cons. It makes sense to understand how they are built and installed and what the different options are before making your decision. Price is also an important factor, as is maintenance.

Is a Fiberglass Pool Right for You?

What is a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are made in one piece from reinforced fiberglass that is protected by a hard gel coating. No liner is required, and the installation process does not take as long as vinyl and concrete pools. Since it is premade, you may have fewer options for sizing. A fiberglass pool will generally cost less than the other options, but ask for estimates and financing options first.

How Long Does Installation Take?

It usually takes a few days to install a fiberglass pool, since the shell can be lowered into the ground as one piece. If it is not in stock, you might need to wait for the pool to be manufactured. Vinyl pools take a few weeks to install, and concrete could take up to several months.

Fiberglass Pool Maintenance

Perhaps the best thing about a fiberglass pool is the easy maintenance. You can hire a professional pool cleaning service or do it yourself. It needs to be cleaned with fiberglass pool cleaning products, according to the pool manufacturer’s instructions. Besides that, the water level should be above the skimmer, and you’ll need to test the water chemistry.

Using Your Pool Filter

Fiberglass pool filters only need to have one circulation every 24 hours, and concrete ones have to run twice. This means you will save energy and money with fiberglass pools.

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