Important Safety Tips for Commercial Pools

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It’s crucial to make safety the main priority at swimming pools, and there are some different guidelines for commercial ones. Instead of just having to watch out for your own family, pets, and guests, there will be pool members, guests, and others whose safety could be compromised.

Important Safety Tips for Commercial Pools

Facilities with commercial pools should have construction and operation safety policies and procedures to follow (including an emergency response plan), and here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Pool enclosures: Public pools need to be enclosed by walls, fences, or other approved enclosures. The construction must conform to state and local building codes and be inspected for safety when the work is complete.
  • Chemical storage: Spill containment features and adequate lighting are essential in pool chemical storage areas to control leaks and spills. Staff should be trained on the proper use and storage of pool chemicals.
  • Have a lifeguard: People who enjoy using commercial pools shouldn’t have to swim at their own risk. There should be trained, licensed lifeguards on-site during regular operating hours.
  • No running: Guests should never walk quickly or run around swimming pools, since the ground can be very slippery and cause slips, trips, and falls. It’s best to post a notice prohibiting running and other unsafe behaviors (eating in the pool, horseplay), and to ensure that the lifeguards manage the guests.

These guidelines are only a small sample of the important safety information that our professional commercial pool installers must follow. To learn more about commercial pools, reach out to our team today.