How Do Infinity Pools Differ From Regular Pools?

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You may have seen them at luxury resorts and spas, and there’s no denying their appeal. Infinity pools look like they melt into the horizon without an edge, blending into the landscape. There must be an edge in there somewhere… so how exactly do they work?

How Do Infinity Pools Differ From Regular Pools?

How Does an Infinity Pool Work?

Although infinity pools have magical appearances, they are built on a simple principle that can be compared to waterfalls. The water flows over the edge and down into catch basins that are built on the pool wall’s exterior base. When you look at the edge, it’s an optical illusion that makes the water look like it’s not moving. The basin is hidden, and the water there gets recirculated back into the pool.

Infinity Pools Create Natural Noise Barriers

The gentle rush of water cascading down over the edge creates a natural sound barrier that can be quite relaxing. Traditional pools do not have this feature, but you can install waterfalls in them to create this effect.

Installing an Infinity Pool

Regular swimming pools and infinity pools can be installed at residences and commercial properties, with one main difference besides the edgeless construction and basin. For the best effect, infinity pools can be built on sites that have significant drop-offs. This allows the edge to better blend in with the landscape, making the pool seem like it ends in negative space. How cool is that?!

An infinity pool can also increase the value of your property and be its best feature. For a free estimate, speak with our team of skilled pool designers.