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Concrete pools are highly customizable and very durable.

Concrete is a highly functional material that has a variety of uses and applications in the construction world. Your property might feature a concrete driveway or pathway, as well as a concrete floor in the garage. But concrete can also be used to line the inside of a swimming pool. It’s one of the three main materials used in the pool construction process, and it’s helpful to understand how they differ when considering the addition of a swimming pool on your property. After a pool has been dug out, the technicians apply a liner that prevents water from seeping into the soil that surrounds it. A concrete pool shell either features shotcrete or gunite, which are two versions of essentially the same material.

Concrete Pools in Calabash, North Carolina

After the concrete gets applied to the interior of the swimming pool, it must cure for up to a month to reach its full strength and hardness. Concrete strength is measured by the number of pounds per square inch (psi) required to crush it. The average strength of this durable material falls between 3500 and 4000 psi, and the actual measurement depends on how much cement is in the concrete material. To compensate for the risk of cracks in the concrete, pool builders can frame the material with a steel web.

Concrete pools are highly customizable and very durable, making them appealing to property owners. Those located in and near Calabash, North Carolina can count on the team at Master Pools of Wilmington to design and construct concrete pools on their properties. We’re experts in all types of swimming pools, including fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete pools.

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